People have been facing to nature earnestly.
Every tool have been developed combined with the wisdom of the ancients, who lived to cope with nature,
To overcome the cold weather, they wove clothes from plants and to draw water, they made pottery from the soil.
Ancients who knew the background what tools were developed,
had been using them carefully for a long time to appreciate the benefit of nature.
To respect the nature and to live with them is what human being should be.
Every product from “MONIQUE CHARTLAND” collection, born from nature,
is designed to protect and to re-use the nature, with a sense of being harnessed by them.
We have finished as the products which penetrate into interior scene
by the process of giving a new spirit in a way that does not damage ecological nature.
Just like trees and animals know how to adapt to climate change and
the natural environment, “MONIQUE CHARTLAND” changes its look and grow up gradually to fit the feeling of the user.
That’s a reason why we would like all of you to love and use the product continuously for 10 years, 20 years.