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The news of Goody Grams is informed.

D9 furniture store in Japan


This antique store is one of our good partner and always join business with them.
Location in SHIBUYA TOKYO . mainly they are selling antique furniture .


they are selling column candle and good selling .
main purpose of this candle is, for decoration in the room, shop , and gift.
candle can burn until half. after burning, candle will become statue.
not burn till last. hahaha. someone surprise it looks defective item.


and 90 degree mirror is on the table. you can hung on the wall even put on table.
this mirror can see under the chin. so easy to shave your beard.
and for make up . if hang on the wall, can put cosmetic on the mirror.
moreover, any purpose you can use. some product put on the mirror. then reflect product.
looks beautiful and very impress for enduser.



animal shot glass in Singapore


our costumer “asylum” is selling animal shot glass in refrigerator.
good display and very impression!


animal shot glass